The Sinus-Milieus® in ÖVA

Detailed knowledge of target groups is becoming increasingly relevant for success in marketing. This applies to both strategic and operational work.

To this end, we offer insights into the purchasing and communication behavior as well as the values and attitudes of consumers. In cooperation with IMAS International, the extensive analysis options for the Austrian Consumer Analysis (ÖVA) have been expanded to include the special in-depth understanding of the Sinus-Milieus®.

Since 1974, the Austrian Consumer Analysis has been providing extensive information on the basis of 8,000 personal interviews annually regarding:

  • the use of your own and related product categoriesdie Bekanntheit Ihrer Marke und Ihrer Mitbewerber
  • the awareness of your brand and that of your competitors
  • the use of your brand and that of your competitors
  • analysis of socio-demographic groups and target groups
  • media usage with regard to classic and new media
  • purchasing sources

By combining these two established research approaches, we offer new possibilities for target group analyses as well as marketing and media planning.