Tourism is strongly anchored as an industry in Austria, and INTEGRAL is no exception.

With our research and expertise, we help the tourism industry to focus on the right target groups and offer in-depth target group insights - specifically based on the Sinus-Milieus target group model.

The one fits all principle has long been outdated, guests have very differentiated wishes and needs and must be addressed differently. We tell you how!

Our partner

With Prodinger Tourismusberatung we have a strong partner from the practice at our side and can offer together customized solutions, because: Every case is individual!

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Sustainability as a central trend among the Sinus-Milieus (October 2022)

Dr. Bertram Barth and Alexandra Mossakowski were very happy to accept the already second invitation from Marco Riederer (Prodinger Tourismusberatung)!

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Prodinger Summit: The run on the alpine vacation hotels (May 2022)

Full house at the summit of Prodinger Tourismusberatung! Our colleague Alexandra Mossakowski was there and took the audience into the world of target groups and Sinus-Milieus®. © Florian Lechner, Völs 2022


Practice and benefits of Sinus-Milieus in tourism (August 2021)

Podcast episode at "Smart Hotel Key - Der Podcast für erfolgreiches Hotelmanagement" by Prodinger Tourismusberatung

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