Our platform for video chats, online focus groups, online workshops and much more.

INTEGRAL Digital-Salon is our solution for qualitative research when an online format is desired or necessary due to external circumstances. Our Digital-Salon tool is versatile and individually applicable - for example for

  • online focus groups and individual interviews
  • online workshops
  • online consulting and training seminars
INTEGRAL Digital-Salon

We furnish our Digital-Salon tool to match your question, whether you want to know what is currently triggering your target groups or whether you want to develop new ideas together with them. This tool has all the necessary functions for creative and concentrated work: whiteboard, survey tool, breakout rooms, chat etc.

Of course, our internal IT support is available all the time.

No compromise on data protection

Digital-Salon runs autonomously on a physical server that is configured, maintained and used exclusively by our sister institute SINUS. State-of-the-art security standards are firmly in place. There is no use of cookies or tracking – absolute anonymity is guaranteed! SINUS always has full control over the platform and the user data, which is never passed on to third parties. All traffic is encrypted. The video or audio recordings of the sessions are stored on a SINUS server – data protection compliant according to the European DSGVD standard. The server is located in a data center in Germany.

The INTEGRAL Digital Salon is based on the open-source web conferencing system BigBlueButton.