Persona development with INTEGRAL: Archetypes instead of stereotypes

Personas are fictitious but very realistic drafts of characters that represent typical target group representatives - with a concrete face, a memorable name, a vivid story, and an individual emotional world. The development of personas helps to align strategic decisions closely with the needs, experiences, behaviors, and aesthetic and communicative preferences of customers.

For us, personas are more than the mere linking of data points. Personas should be "easy to love", literally jump out at users, trigger creative impulses and thus make target group work and product development interesting and entertaining.

We bring your personas to life - individually without plug&play template

It’s not only the content but also the visual preparation that’s essential for working successfully with personas. For us, there is no standard procedure for this. You tell us how you want to convey the personas - we take care of the rest in close coordination with you. For an efficient development of personas, the Sinus-Milieus can be used excellently as a basis and our comprehensive milieu knowledge can be used for enrichment. However, the development can also be based on other concepts.

From well-designed PowerPoint charts to postcards, from cardboard displays and print brochures to video clips with real persona representatives and (partially) animated explanatory films: there is hardly a format that we have not yet produced.