INTEGRAL-SINUS videography offers you vivid impressions of your target group in sound and vision. The possible applications range from supplementing your reports from our qualitative studies, to documenting everyday activities for a better understanding of the target group, to a true-to-life presentation of Sinus-Milieus® or personas.

Our offer:

  • Documentation of the customer journey
  • Image clips with authentic testimonials
  • Illustration of personas Observation of customer experience (e.g. driving experience in cars)
  • Lifeworld documentation
  • Process-oriented product evaluation
  • Virtual tours (with the support of our cooperation partner)

Depending on the requirements, the filming is done by our trained team or by the respondents themselves.

Advantages of INTEGRAL-SINUS videography:

  • Let us put a face to the world of your target group by means of video
  • Video is a low-threshold access to target groups that are otherwise difficult to reach for market research
  • Video findings are impressive and inspiring

We will be happy to create a customized offer for you.