Everyone is talking about regionality. At the same time, numerous myths surround the topic.

Regionality as an anchor, the region as a refuge

Where the "world outside" and even one's own country seem overly complex and uncontrollable, a regional demarcation creates orientation, manageability, security and meaning.

Regionality promises security

  • One makes a safe choice (the best value for the money)
  • One consumes safe products (pollutant-free and healthy)
  • One certainly does the right thing - promotes fair production, small businesses, protects the environment ... (may have a clear conscience).

Regionality therefore promises a unique combination of functional and emotional benefits. And regionality revolves around "home" and thus promises belonging, trust, warmth and emotional anchoring.

Region has a future

Regionality has a high potential for development. Three out of four Austrians would like to see an expansion of the range of regional foods on offer in grocery stores. Incidentally, this also applies to the catering sector: There, just as many want an expansion of regional products or ingredients.

Regionality has a high development potential. The willingness to dig deeper into one's pocket for regional foods is high. On average, people would accept a price premium of +12% for everyday foods and +19% for those for special occasions.

In the catering sector, too, the majority is willing to pay more for regional offerings. Those who are open-minded here would accept a price premium of +11% on average for everyday restaurant visits and +18% for special occasions.

Much of the potential of regionality is still unrealized. At present, the offer and marketing of regionality often still appear random. However, regional added value can be created in a targeted manner if the motives are known - through appropriate positioning and communication.

Regionality has a future. We help you to become regionally fit for the future.