Milieus in Microgeography

Where does your target group live? By translating the Sinus-Milieus onto detailed maps, target group-specific research and media planning can now be carried out locally.Performer

In order to make Sinus-Milieus usable for direct marketing and spatial planning, the model was embedded in microgeographic data – originally together by microm and SINUS, today in cooperation between SINUS and Michael Bauer Micromarketing (MBM). With newly developed algorithms, the transfer of Sinus-Milieus to geographic space has now been significantly improved.

For Austria, the Sinus-Milieus can be offered at census district level.

The statistical probability of occurrence of the individual Sinus-Milieus® was calculated for almost all of the more than 8,800 census districts in Austria. The modeling was carried out at the beginning of 2023 at non-personalized data level and thus in compliance with the highest data protection standards. The Sinus-Milieus® are also available in microgeography for Germany and Switzerland.

Sinus-Milieus® in Microgeography
can be put to a variety of uses

Strategic marketing

  • Product development - design fitBrand positioning - portfolioCRM - distribution and salesFundraising

New customer acquisition

  • Target group analysis and localization - Optimization of advertising channels and customer approach -Address selection, mailshots, out-of-home, optimization of inserts

Location / branch network planning

  • Identification of target group potentials in the catchment area - Category management - PoS marketing

Communication planning

  • Message and layout design - Milieu-specific reach/affinities