Our Expertise

We customize our approaches and methods to meet customer needs, not the other way around

The choice of suitable research approaches and methods is the foundation for meaningful and reliable results. Not every solution is suitable for all questions. We will be happy to advise you on the best possible solution for your question and budgetary possibilities.

Areas of Research

We have more than three decades of market research experience in various topics and industries such as:

  • Financial services sector: banks, insurance companies
  • Telecommunications: fixed network, mobile telephony
  • Digitalization: usage behavior, needs, usability tests, testing of websites...
  • Investment goods: hard- and software, building materials, locking systems ...
  • Media research: TV, radio, print, online; development of phonotest ...
  • FMCG: beverages, sweets, detergents, cosmetics, convenience foods, dairy products ...
  • Health care and pharmaceutical products
  • Migration
  • Trade
  • Migration
  • Mobility
  • Fashion: apparel industry
  • Audio branding: Acoustic brand management
  • Other services: Hospitality, trade shows, personal services....

Target group-specific focal points


Representative results require a clear definition of the population as well as appropriate sampling from suitable data sources. Benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of the Austrian corporate landscape.


In the field of consumer research, an adequate sample definition and composition are essential for representative and thus significant results. This applies particularly to the method in connection with hybrid samples, in which our extensive and long-standing knowledge of internet research comes into play.


We are aware that when it comes to customer surveys, we act as your company's business card. That's why we work here with a carefully selected team of interviewers who not only have the relevant product knowledge, but also take special care in managing appointments and are trained in complaint management.

International target groups

A large part of our international studies is conducted from our telephone studio in Vienna. It goes without saying that only interviewers with excellent language skills are used for such projects. If necessary, we cooperate with long-standing international field partners.