Michael Bauer Micromarketing (MBM)

Specialist for Customer & Location Intelligence

Michael Bauer Micromarketing (MBM), a data and analytics company for intelligent data linkage, is our partner for Sinus-Milieus in Micrography.

MBM, the new specialist for customer & location intelligence, was launched at the beginning of 2020. Experienced experts in microgeographic analysis and geomarketing opened the new company in Düsseldorf under the umbrella of Michael Bauer and with the participation of SINUS-Institut. MBM’s portfolio includes fine-grained market and target group data along with high-quality location and target group analyses. MBM helps companies target their advertising via the optimal channels, with the aim of placing the right product in the right place at the right time.

An important tool for this is Sinus-Milieus in Micrography, the transfer of the proven society and target group model into space. By linking the Sinus-Milieus with MBM’s microgeographic data system, target group-focused market research and media planning can now be applied locally. Users of this tool thus know where the individual Sinus-Milieus can be found and with what probability. For each house in Germany, the statistical probability with which the individual Sinus-Milieus occur is calculated and a dominant geo-milieu is also determined. This is based on microcells, each of which comprises at least five households in compliance with the DSGVO. Sinus-Milieus in Micrography is also available for Austria and Switzerland.

Our partner for the Sinus-Milieus when it comes to microgeography

The Geo-Milieus based on microgeographic analyses were developed as early as 1999 – originally by microm and SINUS, and today in cooperation between SINUS and Michael Bauer Micromarketing – in order to make the Sinus-Milieus usable for direct marketing and spatial planning. Since 1999, the Sinus geo-milieus have been continuously improved. The latest model update, carried out by SINUS and MBM, has just been completed and offers significantly improved estimation algorithms compared to the previous standard – not only for the classic Sinus-Milieus but now also for the cross-national target group model of the Sinus Meta Milieus and for the Extended Sub-Milieus, the consumer fine segmentation based on the Sinus-Milieus.

Unser Partner für die Sinus-Milieus in der Microgeographie

Um die Sinus-Milieus für das Direktmarketing und die räumliche Planung nutzbar zu machen, wurden bereits 1999 die auf microgeografischen Analysen beruhenden Geo-Milieus entwickelt – ursprünglich zusammen von microm und SINUS, heute in Kooperation von SINUS mit Michael Bauer Micromarketing. Seit 1999 wurden die Sinus-Geo-Milieus immer weiter verbessert. Das letzte, von SINUS und MBM durchgeführte, Modell-Update wurde gerade abgeschlossen und bietet gegenüber dem bisherigen Standard deutlich verbesserte Schätzalgorithmen – nicht nur für die klassischen Sinus-Milieus, sondern jetzt auch für das länderübergreifende Zielgruppenmodell der Sinus-Meta-Milieus und für die Extended Sub-Milieus, die Verbraucher-Feinsegmentierung auf Basis der Sinus-Milieus.