Regional development

Regional development

Region has a future

We have been dealing with the topic of regional development for several years and cooperate closely with the company for regional consulting Wallenberger & Linhard.

Wallenberger & Linhard supports those responsible in politics and administration in the conception and concrete implementation of location and regional development projects and advises them on strategic decisions and regional issues.

Customers are municipalities, states, regions, companies and initiatives. The projects deal with the areas of sustainability, dialogue, value creation, quality of life and development.

Living in the rural area

Corona and home office options have made rural living more attractive. Demand for rural real estate has picked up sharply. Whether this is a continuing trend remains to be seen.

The current situation helps the municipalities in their efforts to reduce out-migration and to make their own location more attractive both internally and externally.

Project example "Living in the Waldviertel" 

One of our joint projects is "Living in the Waldviertel", which has been supported by 56 municipalities in the Waldviertel since 2008. The aim is to make the Waldviertel more attractive as a place to live and to communicate the advantages in this respect appropriately.