Qualitative research

The art of understanding

Qualitative research gets to the bottom of attitudes and decision-making processes. With ethnological curiosity, our qualitative research team analyzes lifeworlds, motives and contexts. Our reports provide comprehensive insights into the thoughts and lifeworlds of consumers. We offer a variety of qualitative research methods and solutions. Below you will find a selection of our most common qualitative methods.

  • 360° view of your target groups - regional & worldwide
  • Customized typologies and segmentations
  • Development, profiling & screening of personas
  • Transfer competence market research social research
  • Complete spectrum of methods - also in combination with quantitative research
  • Cost-efficient recruitment solutions - even for hard-to-reach target groups
  • Professionally trained, multilingual recruitment and interviewer team
  • Target group-specific recommendations for action and communication
  • On request, support and consulting during the implementation phase
  • Everything from a single source - from the first briefing to the delivery of results

Focus groups:
The classic tool of qualitative research

  • Moderated group discussion with 8-10 participants - Compact groups with 5-7 participants -Face-to-face or virtual - for example via our Digital-Salon

Involving end customers in product design

  • Product ideas and solutions are playfully developed and refined by users - A moderated creative process incl. feedback loops

The INTEGRAL chatarama:

  • Multi-day online communities - Ad hoc live chats - Online diaries - Whiteboards - Website checks - and much more

Qualitative Interviews:
The classic individual interview

  • Guided explorations - In-depth interviews- Ethnographic interviews

Customer Journey:
Understanding the path to the purchase decision in detail

  • Qualitative analysis of customer processes and phases - Exploration of direct and indirect contact points

Qualitative analysis of purchase decisions at the point of sale

  • Guided individual explorations - Photo safaris

Qualitative research into everyday practices

  • People are studied over a longer period of time about their lifeworld and their everyday life - Participant observation - Holistic approach - Photo documentation

Immersion in the real everyday life and lifeworld

  • Guideline-based individual explorations in everyday surroundings - Photo documentations- Experiencing and understanding

Visualization & Design:
To the point presentation of results

  • Our visualization of results gives you an overview