Sustainability has become a major topic, especially as an ecological challenge (climate protection), but also in the term of a sense of responsibility for production and consumption. However, opinion and behavior diverge more widely than on almost any other topic.

Which crisis is most important?

The crises of recent years made the climate protection issue a topic of varying importance. The fact that it retains a prominent place in the public consciousness is ensured by the accumulation of natural disasters, clearly perceptible temperature changes and increasingly radical environmentalists. However, the individual Sinus milieus each have their own approach to climate protection and see different needs.

Sustainability in the Sinus-Milieus

For the first time, the new Sinus-Milieu model includes the Progressive Realists, who are demanding a more eco-friendly and fairer world and putting pressure on the comfortable Post-Materialists. But other milieus are also actively advocating change or can be motivated to do so. The Adaptive-Pragmatic Middle Class is very concerned and open to advice and guidance.

Sustainable public relations and marketing communication

Taking into account the milieu-specific relevance of sustainability is essential for necessary social changes as well as for the success of marketing measures.