and migration research

The Sinus-Migrantenmilieus enable an understanding of the everyday world of migrants, their value orientations, goals in life, wishes and expectations for the future.

Just as an international comparison reveals groups of like-minded people across national borders, an "intra-national" comparison reveals common lifeworld patterns among migrants from different countries of origin. The migrant milieus differ less according to ethnic origin and social situation than according to their values, lifestyles and esthetic preferences. It is therefore impossible to infer the milieu from the culture of origin.

Currently, there is no specific model for the migrant population in Austria. Under certain restrictions, the general Austrian model of Sinus-Milieus can also be used for the analysis of migrant lifeworlds and thus offers additional benefits to the purely sociodemographic view. On an ad hoc basis, the general model can also be concretized or extended for specific questions.