Austrian Internet Monitor AIM™

Since 1996, the INTEGRAL AUSTRIAN INTERNET MONITOR has provided a representative overview of the use and development prospects of the Internet and other new communications technologies among the Austrian population.


Continuous monitoring of the PC and Internet market, Internet use and visits to websites on the basis of a sound, representative sample for Austria as a whole and for Internet users.

Data about the survey


  • Total population aged 14 and over ~ 7,877,000 persons
    Internet users aged 14 and over ~ 7,168,000 persons

Survey period:

  • January to December, continuous

Sample/ total year:

  • n=4,000 interviews per year, of which approx. 3,600 with Internet users

Type of survey:

  • Hybrid sample, composition: 79% online interviews (frequent Internet users) and 21% by telephone (infrequent Internet users and offliners)

Survey content


  • Availability of devices in the household, personal use of devices, technical equipment


  • Frequency of Internet use, provider, activities on the Internet, media use on the Internet, online shopping, social media

Quarterly deeper dives

I. Quarter:

  • OS, wearables, information channels politics/economy, podcasts

II. Quarter:

  • Browser, data volume, online spendings, influencers, Smart Home

III. Quarter:

  • Equipment, time spent online, wearables, use of devices, podcasts

IV. Quarter:

  • Internet security, influencers, Smart Home, homeoffice

Scope of delivery

The reports are produced semi-annually and delivered in July and January. In addition to cross tables, the reports include a graphical presentation of the data as well as a brief summary of the key findings.