INTEGRAL Onlinebus

The online multi-topic survey. Fast. Inexpensive. Well-founded.

The INTEGRAL online bus offers a cost-attractive alternative to exclusive surveys for short questions up to 5 minutes - of course with our usual quality standards. You receive advice as well as your customized questions in the proven INTEGRAL quality.

New since 2020: Weighting of data according to AIM segments

Since 2020, the sample is also weighted according to the INTEGRAL AIM segments in addition to demographics. This ensures that the data of all Internet user types, such as "fun-oriented" or "experts," but also "distant users," are included in the results according to their share of online users.

Method and sample

500 people aged 16-75 are surveyed per wave. The target persons are selected from the AUSTRIAN ONLINEPOOL, which is jointly operated by the two full-service institutes INTEGRAL and SPECTRA and comprises about 30,000 members. Quota padding guarantees the structural similarity between sample and population.


The INTEGRAL Onlinebus takes place at least twice a month. The editorial deadline for enrollments is the Wednesday before the respective field start. Results are available in standardized form one week after field start. Subject to available space, questions can be placed in the online bus at any time.

The next anticipated start dates are (deadline):

- Wednesday, April 19, 2023- Wednesday, May 3, 2023- Wednesday, May 17, 2023- Wednesday, May 31, 2023- Wednesday, June 14, 2023- Wednesday, June 28, 2023.


Analyses include cross tabulations of all questions with subgroup definitions (gender, age, education, state, city size) as well as a graphical presentation and brief verbal summary.