End of stationary bank sales

Hardly any other industry is said to be as strongly affected by digitalization as the financial sector. For years, stationary sales, i.e. bank branches, have been predicted to disappear from the market, and the right to exist of traditional banks has been called into question due to the market entry of pure online banks and FinTechs.

No "either-or" but "as well as"

But are consumers also playing along? How is the use of brands and channels changing? Studies by INTEGRAL show that the number of bank customers who deal with their bank exclusively online in their daily business is growing only very slowly. More than 80% still use a branch of their main bank at least once a year, albeit with decreasing intensity. What is clear is that banks and insurance companies must adapt to the fact that the importance of digital channels will increase in the future, but that many customers will continue to want personal contact, especially for products and services that require a great amount of advice. An optimal channel mix is therefore an essential building block for medium-term success.

INTEGRAL has the expertise

On the one hand, INTEGRAL draws experience and expertise from many years of intensive cooperation with the sector - for example, we have been conducting large-scale multi-client baseline studies in the banking sector for years. On the other hand, senior staff members who have worked in the sector themselves can offer a valuable 360-degree view on the questions.