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What are Sinus Milieus®?

Sinus Milieus® are target groups that really exist – a model classifying people according to their attitudes to life and ways of living. The Sinus Milieus® are based on the real living environments of the people - including their fundamental value orientations and attitudes towards working and leisure time, family and relationship, consumption and politics - and contextualise them with the socioeconomic status indicated by education, profession and income. This enables a holistic view of a person within the reference system of everything that is important for this person’s life.

The Sinus Milieus® have been established as a scientific model. They are continuously kept up-to-date by secondary research and the monitoring of socio-cultural trends. Leading brand product manufacturers, major service providers, political parties and public service clients, many advertising, media and PR agencies as well as several publishers have been working with this concept using it for strategic planning and operative implementation – both on the domestic and the international level.

The Austrian Sinus Milieus®

SINUS developed 10 milieus that are specific to Austrian local conditions.

Sinus-Milieus in Österreich

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