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The Sinus-Geo-Milieus® assign Sinus-Milieus® to postal addresses.

In order to render the Sinus-Milieus® useable for direct marketing and spatial planning, microm and our partner SINUS have worked together to develop the Sinus-Geo-Milieus®.

The Sinus-Geo-Milieus® link the microm data system with the proven Sinus-Milieus® target model, thus allowing market research and market communication to be applied at a local level. By transferring the Sinus-Milieus® to the microgeographical level, the Milieu target groups can be projected onto existing customer address lists and user-defined areas.
The statistical probability with which the individual Sinus-Milieus® are represented in each of the 1.9 million households in Austria was computed and a Dominant Geo-Milieu® derived from this. The Geo-Milieus® are also available for Germany and Switzerland.

Sinus-Geo-Milieus® can be used for:

Strategic marketing

  • Product development, design
  • Brand positioning, portfolios
  • CRM, sales and distribution

Acquiring new customers
  • Target group analysis and localisation
  • Optimisation of advertising channels and sales pitches
  • Address selection, mail shots, out-of-home, optimisation of inserts, etc.

Customer loyalty
  • Customer segmentations
  • Milieu-specific measures and customer contact
  • Cross- and upselling

Planning of locations/branch networks
  • Identification of target group potential within a catchment area
  • Category management, PoS marketing

Communication planning
  • Message and layout design
  • Milieu-specific reach/affinities

Sinus-Geo-Milieus® can be used in a variety of ways.

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