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Positioning/ Image

Brand equity

Brand core analyses and consulting for the development of the ideal brand strategy, local and international. We support your brand management for umbrella/ category/ product brands.

Advertising effects

In-Depth Check for a fundamental analysis of ads

Customer- and staff satisfaction

For different business sectors, in Austria and worldwide; from our call centre in more than 40 countries, in 15 languages, based on an explicit causal model including relevance analyses for finding those aspects of customer satisfaction that contribute most to loyalty and the willingness to recommend; integration of the satisfaction suvey’s data with internal corporate customer data; prognosis models.
  • Loyalty: precondition for profitability
  • Recommendation: precondition for growth

Potential analyses

Market extrapolations

Application of survey data on the whole market

Market prognoses

Using the market’s behavioural intentions and transition rates

Public opinion, politics and society

Market segmentation

Segmentations regarding the potential sales volume, , segmentations based on value systems, life styles and market- or product affinity, building of short indicators for the segment affiliation, integration of the segments in customer data bases

Since July 2009 the INTEGRAL Online Pool offers you a special target group definition via the Sinus Milieus®. The Sinus Milieus® are an internationally accepted segmentation according to living environments, which means fundamental value orientations and attitudes towards work and leisure, family and relationship, consumption and politics. The 10 Austrian Sinus Milieus® are each combining people with similar life-styles.

Price studies and conjoint analyses

INTEGRAL Marktforschung
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