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Closed surveys

Randomly selected target persons are invited per e-mail to participate in a survey. They can enter the survey with a personal password. Each participant can fill a survey only once.

The following topics can be carried out with a closed survey:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Image analyses
  • Advertising material tests (e.g. using audio or video clips)
We will carry out your closed survey through the INTEGRAL Online Pool as an exclusive survey, representative of frequent internet users. Our broad data base allows the pre-selection of particular target groups in order to be able to reach even very special segments in a cost-effective way. Due to our co-operation partners we can also carry out international surveys.

Alternatively, there is the option to interview any group of people you choose based on your address data base. This is used for instance for customer- or employee surveys.

Interception surveys

With a popup- or layer-survey, a browser window will open on the website that is to be tested, inviting every n-th visitor to participate in a survey. Alternatively, one can of course also show a statical link.
Aim: structural analysis of a website’s visitors
Population: the website’s visitors
Sample: unlimited number of interviews
Method: CAWI, Computer Assisted Web Interview

Manifold contents can be tested: a website’s evaluation, the requirements concerning the relevant website (target-performance comparison), the evaluation of your offers to the customers etc.
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