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85% of all Austrians have access to the internet.

INTEGRAL has already been intensely occupied with the topic online research since the mid-90s. Since 1996 we have been carrying out the Austrian Internet Monitor

Based on the broad data of the Austrian Internet Monitor, INTEGRAL already decided in 2000 to carry out surveys via the internet. We use the so-called CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) for collecting internet users’ opinions.

Various methodical tests confirm the effectivity and significance of online surveys.

INTEGRAL has one of Austria’s largest online pools.
Further information on our Online Pool can be found in our Panel Book.

As a member of ESOMAR we also undertake online research strictly according to the ESOMAR guidelines.

Since July 2009 the INTEGRAL Online Pool offers you a special target group definition via the Sinus Milieus®. The Sinus Milieus® are an internationally accepted segmentation according to living environments, which means fundamental value orientations and attitudes towards work and leisure, family and relationship, consumption and politics. The 10 Austrian Sinus Milieus® are each combining people with similar life-styles.


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