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In August 2009, INTEGRAL took over the majority share of the market research company SINUS in Heidelberg. INTEGRAL's previous managing partner Manfred Tautscher changed to Heidelberg as the managing director of SINUS. .

In 2010, INTEGRAL SINUS GmbH was founded as the parent company to both INTEGRAL and SINUS. Both companies closely co-operate in Austria, Germany and other countries. The INTEGRAL SINUS Management Team regularly meets in order to develop strategies and to enhance project cooperation.

In close cooperation with SINUS we are able to offer additional products to our Austrian and international clients:
  • The internationally accepted target group segmentation according to the Sinus-Milieus®
  • Enhanced socio-scientific competence in the fields of everyday life aesthetics, value change and trends
  • A widened repertoire for the qualitative-psychological research

INTEGRAL Marktforschung
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